GameMastery Miniatures Skirmish Pack Red

Each STEEL SQWIRE template is constructed of .092″ galvanized steel wire, about the diameter of a paint can handle, for durability(picture). Each bend has been made with computer accuracy and closed with a spot weld. These templates are sure to last you just as long as the original D&D; itself.

These templates do not waste Flip-Matâ„¢ space, do not interfere with miniatures, eliminate drawing & square counting time, & reduce argument lengths. Each template package comes in a plastic storage folder designed to fit your 3 ring gaming binder.

Each package contains a 10′ and 20′ radius template and a 30′ diagonal and straight cone template. The Line of Sight indicator has an adhesive backing so your miniature can attach directly to the indicator. No more guessing or “eye-balling” who’s in sight!


  • 10′ & 20′ radius
  • 30′ straight cone
  • 30′ diagonal cone
  • Line of sight indicator